In early January, Dierks Bentley revealed what he'd been teasing for several days: The singer has plans to release a new album! On Jan. 10, Bentley announced that his ninth studio album, The Mountain, will be available sometime 2018.

The Mountain, written and recorded in Telluride, Colo., grapples with themes of self-reflection and coming to terms with your inner self, reflected in the natural beauty of mountainous Colorado. Each of Bentley's eight previous records has been a little different conceptually, but the country star describes his upcoming album as the one with the most inspiring creative process to date.

"Telluride just makes you want to reach for your guitar," Bentley says in a press release of his experience writing the The Mountain in Colorado. "We’d wake up every morning, grab a coffee, take the gondola up, watch the sun come up over the mountains, and by 8:30 we were writing. We just wrote non-stop."

Read on to learn everything known so far about Bentley's forthcoming album, The Mountain.

The Title

Recorded against the backdrop of the Colorado countryside, The Mountain will be Bentley's ninth studio album.

The Release Date

The Mountain is slotted for release sometime in June of 2018, according to Bentley, who shared the news during the UMG Nashville luncheon during the 2018 Country Radio Seminar. An exact drop date has not yet been revealed, so stay tuned for the specifics!

The Record Label

Capitol Records Nashville, Bentley's longtime label, will release The Mountain. Most recently, the label released Bentley's 2016 album Black.

The Album Cover

Bentley has yet to share the cover art for his upcoming project.

The Producers

When Bentley went to Telluride to record The Mountain, he brought his production team, including Ross Copperman, Jon Randall and executive producer Arturo Buenahora Jr., along with him. Bentley recorded the album at a studio about 30 minutes outside of town.

The Single

On Jan. 10, Bentley shared a short glimpse into the music of The Mountain, along with the promise of a forthcoming single, "Woman Amen," which the artist officially released on Jan. 17.

Bentley co-wrote "Woman Amen" with Ross Copperman and Josh Kear; Billboard reports that, although the majority of Bentley's new music was written in Telluride, "Woman Amen" actually came to be back in Nashville.

 ""Woman Amen" wasn’t part of that trip out there, but we were definitely still riding the high of Telluride when were were writing in the room,” Bentley remembers. “When I heard that title -- Josh threw it out -- I was like, ‘I don’t even know what that means. It just feels like something I want to say.'"

"Woman Amen" begins with a jangly melody and a chorus of "whoa-oh-oh"s, over a steady beat courtesy of iconic rock drummer Matt Chamberlain. The song's verses find Bentley sharing the ways in which his wife has made his life better, while the chorus brings in the song's title: "Every night I should be on my knees / Lord know how lucky I am / I'll never say near enough / 'Thank God for this woman, Amen.'"

“I feel like it all starts at home with my wife. She is who grounds me, she is also the one who has helped me to grow as a person over all these years, so I feel if I’m going to tell these stories [on this album] right, I need to start with her,” Bentley explains. “It’s that sound, that drive, having something that’s uptempo and really makes you feel great, but isn’t a funny song. I’ve had those. I’m trying to get to that same party place, but get there in a way that’s a little deeper.”

Bentley stresses that "Woman Amen" is in keeping with the album's cohesive theme.

"Everyone's climbing this mountain. Everyone's trying to better themselves. Everyone's looking for a way to push forward and looking for that recharge," Bentley explains in an interview with NPR. "I feel like this album is about that western vibe, but there's also that big metaphor of a mountain, putting one step in front of the other and continuing to climb."

The Songs

Also along for the ride in Colorado was a team of Bentley's fellow songwriters: Natalie Hemby, Luke Dick, Ross Copperman, Jon Randall, Jon Nite and Ashley Gorley.

“We all went out there and got completely off the grid ... out of our normal element and the grind that happens on Music Row," Bentley describes, "and it was, from the very get-go, magic."

While Bentley has not yet revealed his new album's track list, he has explained that the themes of self-reflection and struggle in the face of life's challenges will permeate the album as a whole.

"Looking back now," he explains, "I think we were all searching for hope and optimism when we were writing this music."

Stay tuned as more songs from The Mountain are revealed. For now, check out the first taste of new music from Bentley below -- a snippet of the record's title track.

The Tour

Bentley's 2018 Mountain High Tour will begin on May 17 in Columbia, Md. Brothers Osborne and Lanco will be joining Bentley on the road this summer.

Fans who pre-order the album can opt for VIP experiences with Bentley on his 2018 tour.

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