When it comes to be best and worst states for working mothers, there are various factors Wallet Hub examined in order to produce a list. 

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First, there is still the inequality about gender roles in a changing work environment, yet females still make up a large amount for the work force. Then you have the pay ratio, women still earn less than men in a majority of the jobs.

Wallet Hub looked at various factors to produce this list. A few of the major factors influencing this list include the cost of daycare for each state, and the amount of paid time off (PTO) for working moms to attend to family matters.

You can view the complete methodology here. The best states for working moms include Vermont, Minnesota and New Jersey. The worst states are Alabama, Louisiana and Nevada.

North Dakota ranked # 19 in the list and was recognized for some of the best day care in the nation and the highest amount of females in executive roles.