Bismarck Police say a woman reported that an unknown man came to her home stating he was from social services and asking to come inside the residence for a home visit on Wednesday afternoon (10/22). The incident occurred around noon on the 600 block of Crescent Lane.

The resident, who runs a home daycare business, opened her front door but left the screen door locked and unopened as she talked with the man. He did not have a briefcase or any paperwork with him. She asked him for his identification, and the male went back to his car and drove away. He did not enter her residence or attempt to come inside the residence. The children were out of sight when this incident occurred.

He said his name was Larry or Lonnie. He was a white male, 40-45 years old, 5’9” to 6’2”, skinny build, short black hair and clean cut. He was wearing a gray suit jacket and driving an older Ford Taurus, light blue in color with a spare tire on the front right side. The vehicle had North Dakota plates, the number is unknown.

Police verified with social services they have no one matching that description doing home visits. Bismarck Police have not had any other similar incidents reported, so this may be an isolated event.

Police are reminding residents not to open their doors to people they don’t know, but to require identification from people they don’t know or aren’t expecting, exactly like this woman did, and verify the information if there is any doubt as to the person’s identity or business affiliation.

[Bismarck Police Department]