In Bismarck, we squeeze as much summer as we can into the short months of warm weather. One of the events that we look forward to is the annual Urban Harvest Festival, every Thursday, beginning tomorrow.


From street vendors, real good food, fresh fruits and vegetables, to live music, the fun kicks off every Thursday at 10 AM and continues until sunset. The Urban Harvest happens along 4th Street by Wells Fargo Bank as the street is blocked off and the stage is set with the smell of food drawing hundreds of people out of the offices to take in the shade, fresh food and enjoy the live music and children's production.

One of the main attractions are the fresh locally produced fruits and vegetables that are available for purchase. The produce are grown locally, and it's not often you get to meet the grower of the produce that is purchased in the grocery store. At Urban Harvest, you get to have face to face time with the grower each week. There is something very special  about getting to know the farmer that produces the food you bring to the table. But act fact, the fresh produce sells very fast.

Urban Harvest is every Thursday along 4th Street in Downtown Bismarck.