As a part of this community, 1033 US COUNTRY celebrates and pays recognition to all of the farmers and ranchers in the area and state! Today is National Agriculture Day! In North Dakota, we are so fortunate to enjoy a rich land to grow crops and raise cattle.

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Every Tuesday morning on the Lar Dawg Morning show, I get to spend time on the air with Dan Wogsland from the North Dakota Grain Growers Association. Dan is always excited to share the progress that the area grain growers are making and Dan is aware with all of the challenges that farmers are faced with. It could be not enough rain, or maybe too much rain, too much snow or the issues in the legislature in terms of bills that effect today's farmers. This morning we talked about how passionate the farmers and ranchers are in the state. We also discussed how much of a gamble this career is for the states farmers and ranchers and the challenges that they are faced with everyday.

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National Agriculture Day is a day each year to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture. Every year, producers, agriculture associations, corporations and government agencies all join together to recognize the hard work provided by our farmers that provide so much to all of us! National Ag Day, is the day that the entire nation sets aside to say THANK YOU to all of the farmers and ranchers in the nation and in North Dakota! North Dakota leads the nation in 14 different crops and is #1 in terms of wheat production!

Your hard work is appreciate by all of the state families, organizations and agencies!

Listen to Lar Dawg every Tuesday morning in the 7AM hour for the weekly update from the North Dakota Grain Growers Association!