I saw several interesting posts floating around facebook yesterday.  A few of my Bismarck facebook friends were saying that Walmart is now requiring all customers to wear masks when entering the store.

After checking with both the north end store on on 1400 Skyline Blvd and the south end store at 2717 Rock Island Pl stores in Bismarck, I can tell you that statement is FALSE!  At least for now.  Of course the CDC does recommend wearing face-masks when going out in public.  However, Walmart in Bismarck & Mandan are not requiring it's customers to do so at this time.

All Walmart employees going forward will be wearing facebooks according to an employee I spoke with at the Walmart south end location.  I've noticed more and more employees in town wearing masks.  I've yet to go into a location in Bismarck Mandan that has "required" all customers to wear a face-mask.  Have you?  Please comment below if you have.


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