Now this takes it or should we say, someone took it!  Someone stole a 100 pound pumpkin from a mans yard in what he is calling a brazen theft.

Now this is going to make a lot of pie! Matthew Murraine wants to know who took his very giant 100-pound pumpkin from his yard. He has nurtured and grown what most would call a giant pumpkin in Spearfish, SD. He thinks the thieves carefully planned the heist.

"They backed right up to the house. That's pretty brazen," "They brought a saw. You could see on the stem where they had cut."

He said the pumpkin on steroids grew like 2 inches per day and could have grown to be as large as 120 pounds! WOW!!  Needless to say, Mr. Muraine is somewhat PO'd.

How did he grow it? He said

the pumpkin required 20 gallons of water every four days and a gallon of milk each week for calcium

Who knew the great pumpkin required or had a palate for milk?

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

The great pumpkin was valued at $200!