If you haven't volunteered at Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe in Bismarck yet, you're missing out.  Mark Meier who owns and operates the cafe can always use your help.  I try to volunteer as much as possible and it's a great opportunity to spend some time together as a family, service group, youth group, office or individual.  Now, Mark is expanding the valuable service he supplies to our community.

Heaven's Helpers Soup Cafe is adding a wheelchair-accessible shower, a laundry room and computers for community members in need of such amenities.

The facilities will be available in December. Visitors will be able to use them with "soup cafe bucks" earned from volunteering at the nonprofit at 220 N. 23rd St. in Bismarck.

The system could help the soup kitchen maintain the 30 volunteers it needs daily to operate, according to Executive Director Mark Meier.

"It will help a lot because even with the opening of all this stuff in the back, it's going to create more work and more need for volunteers that will help backfill and make the soup cafe better," he said.

Finding volunteers has been an issue for the soup kitchen, including this past summer. In June, Meier said it was at risk of closing without more volunteers.

Patrons will be able to earn a soup cafe buck for every hour they volunteer. Duties will include chopping vegetables, washing dishes, breaking down boxes and cleaning toilets. One soup cafe buck would be worth a 30-minute shower, use of a washer and dryer, or a one-hour session on a computer.

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