Here is something to be proud of North Dakota, we are proud to be in a part of the nation that has more bars than grocery stores according to Now some will say this is an embarrassment or "this is nothing to be proud of". This story in not to serve as the morality police or to point fingers, it is simply to bring attention to the information we found. You can draw your own conclusion. Here are the facts. (grab a drink while you read)


Matt Cardy/Getty Images

I was taken back when I read the statistics. According to, when they did a comparison between grocery stores and watering holes, look at what they discovered. A geographical difference, starting with Illinois to Wisconsin and Iowa, The Dakota's and Minnesota spreading to Montana, the number of bars out number the number of grocery stores. In comparison, the rest of the country has 1.52 bars for every 10,000 people in the U.S., but here in the Midwest, grab your glass and look at these numbers;

Rank State Bars per 10,000 Population
1 North Dakota 6.54
2 Montana 6.34
3 Wisconsin 5.88
4 South Dakota 4.73
5 Iowa 3.73
6 Nebraska 3.68
7 Wyoming 3.40