As you may have heard.  Minnesota goes into lockdown starting tomorrow, March 27th to April 10th.  #stayhomemn campaign is intended to help slow the spread of coronavirus in the state, but what does lockdown really mean?

Lockdown has been quite the discussion on social media and has certainly spread some fear in people's lives.  Some of it justified and some of it not.  Let's examine what a North Dakota Lockdown would more than likely be like.

What are considered essential needs and services?

The order still allows people to leave the house for things like groceries, gas, emergency medical services or supplies, caring for family members, friends or pets and moving between emergency shelters for those who are homeless.

And people who work in “critical sectors” are exempt from the stay at home order, including health care workers, emergency responders, law enforcement, shelters, child care facilities, food production, utilities, the news media (including us at Townsquare Media) and critical manufacturing. Other workplaces are asked to shift to a telework and work from home model.

Are residents allowed to go outside?

Yes, the order in other states still allows people to get outside for “walking, hiking, running, biking, hunting, or fishing,” but with the appropriate social distancing.  Fishing and Hunting still being allowed was HUGE relief for myself.

What about liquor stores?

Liquor stores have been allowed to stay open in other states.  No need to hoard Busch Light quite yet.

What about transportation like roads, transit and airports?

Roadways, public transit and the airport will still be up and running under the order for essential travel in and out of the state. People who are outside of the state are still able to return, under other states orders.

How are these orders enforced?

So far, these orders in the U.S. haven’t come with strict enforcement. Enforcement has been more strict in European countries with similar orders, where residents can be fined if they are outside of their home for non-essential services.

A willful violation of the order in Minnesota comes with the penalties of a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail or up to $1,000 in fines.  More often than not, you would think these would be warnings to begin with.

So that's "lockdown" in a nut-shell.  Hopefully, not as scary as it sounds.