When I first told you about this story, it started out as an innovative kid trying to pay for school and a big company trying to cover their butt.  It turned into a "Feel Good Feature":

Minnesota Man Pays For College By Delivering Krispy Kreme Donuts: The Pioneer Press claims Jayson Gonzalez is paying for college at Metropolitan State University in St Paul, Minnesota by delivering Krispy Kreme Donuts to Minnesotans. He drives four hours to Clive, Iowa where he stuffs his Ford Focus with 100 boxes of donuts. Gonzalez then delivers them to people in and around St. Paul. He charges $20 per box. Gonzalez usually makes eight stops before he has sold out.

** UPDATE **

The Skagit Valley Herald claims one of Krispy Kreme's corporate offices called Jayson and told him to stop delivering donuts because it could cause a liability for the company.

** UPDATE #2**

Business Insider says Krispy Kreme changed their mind yesterday and now will allow Gonzalez to work as an independent operator. They are donating 500 dozen donuts to him so he can restart his business.

Well played Krispy Kreme, well played!

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