According to Yahoo, North Dakota is the fastest state to get car repair!

How in the world did they come up with this statistic? Read on my friend-

"Enterprise's data comes from its Automated Rental Management System. That's a software solution designed by Enterprise to facilitate communication between garages, customers, insurance companies, and Enterprise, "[e]nabling shops to send electronic rental reservations, vehicle status updates and automated text or email customer notifications".

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Let's face it, car repair is never fun and it always seems to be expensive. If you have to be without your wheels, might as well be without them for the shortest amount of time. Here are the best states or fastest.

  • North Dakota (8.0 days)
  • Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota (tie: 8.1 days)
  • Iowa (8.3 days)
  • Utah (8.8 days)
  • Idaho, Maine, Vermont (tie: 8.9 days)

Better make your way to rental counter if you're having repair work in the following states for the slowest states.

  • Texas (11.9 days)
  • Alaska (12.3 days)
  • Louisiana (12.4 days)
  • Massachusetts (13.5 days)
  • Rhode Island (14.1 days)

From first to last place is almost a week! Now, dig into your pocket book, this won't be cheap!