Salem Sue is known for being the world's largest cow and omeone decided it was a good idea to graffiti the large land mark.

Salem Sue is located in New Salem which happens to be where I, Hunter Roll, grew up.

According to The Bismarck Tribune, the people who have done this horrible act used large wide markers to wright on the hind legs and utter areas.

Knowing from personal experience living in New Salem, this stuff has happened before. I do remember a time when people shot the cow and left bullet holes in areas. Kirk Toepke, president of the New Salem Lion's Club, goes on to confirm that with his statement given to The Bismarck Tribune. He also states they will not be reporting it to the Morton County Sheriffs department. He believes it was just some kids fooling around. Donations will take care of cost to repair what has been done. The same donations that keep up maintenance of Salem Sue.

I personally don't care to see this sort of thing happen in my home town of New Salem, ND. As the saying goes though, "Kids will be kids."