It's the 4th of July celebration in Bismarck and you can hear the BOOM of the fireworks. If yourdogs are like mine, they HATE the sound of thunder and fireworks. Here we have some safety tips for your pooch.

Some dogs, like hunting dogs are accustom to the boom of a shotgun. But some dogs are frighten by the sounds of fireworks and are a nervous wreck when they hear the sounds. Here are some helpful hints for your dog's safety for the 4th of July celebration if fireworks are being used in your neighborhood.

  • Get your dog tired before nightfall. If you exercise your dog before the start of the evening fireworks, they'll be exhausted and ready to sleep.
  • Stay calm! Your dog will sense your nervousness.
  • Distract him or her. If he has a ball or toy he loves to fetch, play fetch with him.
  • There is a product called ThunderShirt. I have no idea if it works, but some people wrap their dog in it.
  • Keep your dog inside the house, otherwise they may run away to hide. Every year, the Humane Society always receives lost dogs from the 4th and  New Years Eve,
  • Let him hide. If he feels safer under the bed, let him stay there.
  • I always give my dog melatonin (1mg). I have two 70 pound dogs and this relaxes them and help them sleep. (check with your vet before giving your dog any OTC medicine)

There's no way to avoid the fireworks, but there are ways to help your dog handle the BOOM of the celebration.

unko Kimura / Getty Images