The annual Dakota Garden Expo will take place on April 11 & 12, 2014. Just like last year, there will be a number of seminars throughout the event that will appeal to gardening enthusiasts of all levels!

Take a look at what presentations are on the agenda so far:

  1. New Elm Cultivars
  2. Maples: The Hunt for Red October
  3. Barkophiles: Why We Love Bark!
  4. My Favorite Landscape Trees
  5. Tree Planting and Pruning
  6. Tree Stumps I Have Known and Loved
  7. Easy-To-Grow Hardy Fruits
  8. Grape Growing for Novices
  9. Containers Beyond the Ordinary
  10. Raised Beds and Container Gardening
  11. The Grass is Always Greener on My Side of the Fence
  12. Success with Succulents and Sedums
  13. Growing Lilies in the Dakotas
  14. Perennial Combinations for Season Long Color
  15. Perennials for All Seasons
  16. Ornamental Grasses for North Dakota
  17. Improving Your Garden Soil
  18. High Tunnels for Vegetable Production
  19. A.F. Yeager: Developing Vegetable Varieties for North Dakota
  20. Great Vegetable Varieties for 2014
  21. Tips, Tricks and Troubles with Taters
  22. Pesticide Options in Your Home and Garden
  23. Preparing for Battle against Diseases
  24. What Do I Do If My Plant Is Sick?