Skittles Survey

Skittles recently surveyed people to find out their least favorite Skittles colors. Only six percent of people like yellow Skittles.The red strawberry Skittle is everyone's favorite (33%). Other findings:

- 20% of people put different colored Skittles together to make their own flavor combination

- 23% of Skittles eaters suck on a Skittles before chewing on it

- people who eat Skittles one at a time are more likely to binge watch TV shows than people who eat many Skittles at once

Skittles also did a personality profile. It reads ...

Red Skittles lovers are more likely to identify as hopeless romantics and are more likely to be in a relationship

Green Skittles lovers are 50 percent more likely than other Skittles eaters who are single to have been ghosted by their dates

Purple Skittles lovers are happiest spending time at home alone (introverts!)

Yellow Skittles eaters are more likely to have their read receipts on their smartphone texts

Orange Skittles lovers are more likely to root for their local sport teams

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