Just in time for your New Year's Eve celebrations, a group of college students from the University of Washington have developed a smart bracelet that can tell you how drunk you are!

The bracelet is called Vive and it uses microsensors to track your body's dehydration and intoxication levels, according to Elite Daily.

The Vive isn't just a fun party favor to see how drunk you can get, though. You can also sync it up to social media and create a 'party.'

Every so often, the Vive will vibrate. Squeeze the Vive and it will inform the other members of your 'party' that you're safe. Don't squeeze it and Vive will let your friends know that you're unable to respond and might be in trouble.

To see Vive in action, check out the video below:

VIVE from Kristina Colleen on Vimeo.

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