One of the perks of radio is meeting some interesting people including celebrities.  Some are a pleasure to deal with, other's not so much.  In general the majority of country artists are the most gracious and easiest to work with.  Rock artists are pretty good in general as well.  Pop artists tend to be the most high maintenance.

I remember meeting Shania Twain a longggg time ago at Bismarck Events Center.  You can tell this by my Backstreet Boys hair cut.  She was the hottest artist on the planet at that time on both the pop & country side.  I haven't been "star struck" many times in my life, but that was the exception.  She asked me about North Dakota and really seemed to love Bismarck.  What's not to love right?

She would even sign my photograph for me at a different show in Minneapolis a few months later.  She was probably thinking "stalker"!

So who is the "nicest" celebrity I've ever met?  Without a question.  TAYLOR SWIFT!  She is the kindest, sweetest and most genuine celebrity I've ever met.  I've had the pleasure of meeting her during her country "hay days" and even when she became a pop icon.  She hasn't changed a bit.