We know New York City drops the crystal ball for New Years Eve celebration. I know of some other things that are dropped to welcome in the new year. Some are expected and then again, some are just down right strange.

I know of a couple of objects dropped for the celebration. In New Orleans, the city used to drop a gumbo pot (the same as a stock or soup pot) and now they drop a Fleur De Lis, which is the symbol on the side of the Saint's helmet. The Fleur De Lis is a flower.

In Flagstaff, AZ, the city gathers downtown for the dropping of a huge pinecone. Before the pinecone, they would drop a trashcan. Flagstaff sits in one of the largest Ponderosa Pine forests in the world.

Plymouth, Wisconsin- the home of these cheese heads, it makes sense to drop a huge chunk of cheese. It’s not real, but merely an 80-pound brick of styrofoam sprayed yellow to resemble cheese.

Lebanon, Pennsylvania- the home of bologna, the city gathers around the dropping of a huge, 200 pound bologna.

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