Thrillist is at it again! The webpage is always figuring out the best "thing" in each state. They gave you the best lists of the counties best dive bar, best beer and pizza just to name a few.

Now they dive into the best burger in each state.

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According to the webpage, North Dakotas best burger is actually in your back yard.

Thrillist said that it was through the best pizza in every state research, that lead them to this, the best burger list in every state. Thrillist adds-

"If we didn’t eat it personally, one of our other National Food/Drink editors or City editors or contributing writers did. We tried to show our work whenever possible, and give credit to others in the running. But at the end of the day, we think we’ve got a case for a burger you’re going to love in every single state in the Union

Now for the best burger in North Dakota- Sickies Garage in Fargo and now in Bismarck!  Thrillist had this to say about the Sickies Burger

"Indecisive people must hate this place, but burger lovers have 50 burgers to choose from (and 50 beers to pair them with) at this motorcycle-themed bar that recently opened a second location. While there are plenty of over-the-top options like the Twin Cam -- a burger stuffed between two grilled cheeses and topped with bacon, the namesake Sickies Burger takes the crown with a glorious combo of pulled pork, BBQ sauce, bacon, and a fried egg atop a patty with a 75/25 blend.


Now, pack the car, get the family together and head over to Sickies in Bismarck. I can personally say that you'll love the atmosphere and the energy the restaurant has.

Sickies Bismarck is located at 3130 14th St N.

You can read the list here, for the best burger in every state according to Thrillist.

Did they get it right? Let us know!