Health,com recently published the best one day hiking trail in every state.

Is there any better way to spend a sunny day than in the nice outdoors, the breeze and the sounds of nature. If you have a dog or two, some trails will allow you to take your pooch with you.

ND.GOV recently released the best one day trail in every state, You can see the entire list here.

For North Dakota, the best one day hiking trail is a 10 mile trek in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This trail is located in the South Unit of the park. The trail includes the South Petrified Forest Trails and the longer Maah Daah Hey Path. The stroll will take you through the awesome petrified forest and you'll get to witness the badlands. Be sur eto bring hydration and check with the park officials for additional information including if they allow pets.

Keep and eye out for buffalo.