actually knew a family that did the Twelve Days Of Christmas every year.  I'm pretty sure that it didn't cost this much, but then again, they probably didn't go whole hog either.  If YOU want to go all out, here's today's SURVEY OF THE DAY:

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12 Days of Xmas Cost For 2019: Here is the breakdown of the 364 items. NBC says the price index for 2019 is $38,993.59, which is an increase of .2% from last year. It would cost $170,298 to purchase all 364 gifts listed in the song.
One Partridge And A Pear Tree, $217.17; down 4.5% from last year

Two turtle doves, $300; down 20% from last year

Three French hens, $181.50; same as last year

Four calling birds (canaries), $599.96; same as last year

Five gold rings, $825; up 10% from last year

Six geese a-laying, $420; up 7.7% from last year

Seven swans a-swimming, $13,125; same as last year

Eight maids a-milking, $58; same as last year

Nine ladies dancing , $7,552.84; same as last year

10 lords a-leaping, $10,000; same as last year

11 pipers piping, $2,748.87; up .8% from last year

12 drummers drumming, $2,972.25; up .8% from last year