has compiled a list of the coldest major American cities, and Bismarck, along with two other points on the North Dakota map, is practically leading the pack.

In "25 Coldest Large American Cities You Should Avoid This Winter" the site ticks off its picks for the places around which you'll want to swing wide if you can between November and March.

People who live here will not be surprised to discover that three of the top five are right here in North Dakota.

Bismarck comes in at #4:

The city has a highly variable four-season humid continental climate with very long and cold winters. Residents of Bismarck have to cope with snow for more than 180 days every year.

In at #2 is Fargo:

Because of its location in the Great Plains and its distance from both mountains and oceans, the city features long, cold, windy, and snowy winter. While temperatures around -20 F. are not unusual in winter, summers can be as hot as 110 F.

And the coveted (dreaded?) #1 spot is filled by Grand Forks:

Although it is a nice city that can boasts of (sic) a variety of arts and cultural events, winter weather is extremely harsh there. Influenced by cold Arctic high pressure systems, winters are very long, cold, and snowy.

The rest of the list is made up mostly of cities located right next door in Minnesota (Duluth and St. Cloud round out the top 5) and two doors down in Wisconsin. Surprisingly, only one Alaskan city made the list, and just barely, at that: Anchorage comes in at #24.