The health and activity kick is in full swing around the country and state. We all know the benefits of exercising and eating right. With that said, a publication recently conducted research to discover each states least healthiest county. Where could this be in NoDak?

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24/7 Wall St. conducted the survey. The criteria was -

"Rankings are based on overall health outcomes, a weighted composite of length of  life, quality of life, and overall health factors. The health factors component  is a weighted composite of healthy behaviors, clinical care, social and economic  factors, and physical environment measures.

With the passage of the Health Care Act, and healthcare more accessible to most of the population around the country, these numbers could improve in the future.

After doing research, the least healthiest country in North Dakota is Roulette County.

> Pct. without health insurance: 21.5%

> Pct. food insecure: 16.2%

> Obesity rate: 40.0%

> 2013 unemployment rate: 12.9%

Nearly 23% of the residents in Rolette County, located on North Dakota’s  border with Canada, considered their health fair or poor, nearly twice the 11.5%  of state residents. The unhealthy habits of county residents may have  contributed to that view. Nearly 36% smoked, almost twice the 18.1% statewide  smoking rate. And slightly more than one-third of county residents, 33.4%, were  physically inactive, which may have contributed to the county’s obesity rate of  40.0% — far higher than the state’s 29.5%.



And North Dakota's healthiest county? We don't know! I'm sure that survey is next!