Burger! A big juicy, takes two hands to take a bite hamburger. Who doesn't love that? Once you find the best burger in town, you stick with it! You can find a good hamburger anywhere, but where is the best in North Dakota? Business Insider did the work for us and now we know.

Business Insider conducted the survey and the results are in. First, let's look at how they came up with the best hamburger is every state. Their formula was pretty straight forward-

Based on accolades, reviews, awards, and our own stomachs, we came up with a comprehensive list so that you can devour a truly great burger anywhere in the US.

How lucky are we? The best hamburger in North Dakota is here in Bismarck. JL Beers'-

For less than five bucks, you can get JL Beers' delicious Humpty Dumpty, which comes with cheese and a fried egg on a soft bun. This regional chain, which originated in North Dakota, recently won best burger by High Plains Reader and other publications.

Not to mention the homemade chips and of course the brew to wash it down! JL Beers' has additional locations in West Fargo, Grand Forks, Minneapolis, MN and Sioux Falls, SD.

We know some people are very passionate about their burger. I know of a few places in Bismarck that serve up a real good burger. Did Business Insider get it right?

Scott Olson / Getty Images

You can see the best hamburger is every state here.