Are you prepared to have your mind BLOWN?!  You could win a VIP private virtual concert in your home.  That's right, one of country music's biggest stars will video conference in, play some songs and do a little question and answer session for you as well.  And, if that wasn't good enough, you can even invite 10 of your best friends to be a part of the fun with you as well.

Introducing "_________   ____________ in your living room."  An exclusive artist experience.  Sorry for the blank spaces, but I've been sworn to secrecy and I can't tell you, who will be beaming into your computer and living room quite yet.

So, I'm sure you're saying "how do I win this money can't buy experience?"  As usual, we make it easy to win.  Simply download the free US 103-3 app from the app store or google play and then enter the code words at 9:20am, 12:20 & 4:20pm to win.  Remember, the more code words you enter, the better your chance to win this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So start thinking of which 10 best friends forever you're going to invite to your private soiree?  Also, be sure to have those 10 best friends enter our contest as well, to increase your odds of winning even more.  So put together your list of friends and be sure to choose people who love country music and US 103-3!

One of country music's BIGGEST stars in your living room.  Putting on a concert for you and your friends and interacting with you and well.  I told you...MIND BLOWING.  The winning begins Tuesday at 9:20am.  Tell and text your friends now.


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