This story doesn't surprise me that it happen in Las Vegas, because as we all know, What happens in Vegas sometimes stays in Vegas. Speaking of the "v" word.. a masseuse was arrested for stealing a mans watch and hiding it in her vagina!

Thomas Niedemueller/Getty Images

Here comes the strangest story, but I guess not so strange, being as it's coming out of Las Vegas. It started when 66-year old Kenneth Herold was having a few drinks at the Wynn Hotel B Back Bar. There he met Christina Lafave, and bought her a few drinks and he was complaining that he was sore and stiff and could use a good work over from a professional masseuse. Well, I'll be darn! What are the chances that Lafave can fit the bill and rub those hard stiff muscles of his! She was given $300 on the spot for her services, and they headed up to his room.

Why he was getting his money's worth, he was asked to take off his Presidential Rolex, which he did and placed it on the floor.  After the rub down,the man noticed his watch was missing and Lafave denied taking it. So Herold called security, who made sure the masseuse did not leave the room as they searched the premises. When the watch didn't turn up, Lafave admitted to hiding it in her vagina. Well somethings can take a licking and keep on ticking when Lafave started to complain about a pain down below. She was taken to the hopital where doctors removed the watch from inside of her.

Once removed, Herold wanted the watch back and Lafave was charge with theft and is due in court May 18th.

Would you want the watch back or not?

(source HappyPlaces and Las Vegas Review Journal)